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Tae the muin 01:08
Ah see the Muin and the Muin sees me, wi ma butterfly stitches at the A and E, cos a lunatic crossed paths wi me when the muin wis muckle and fu.' The gazers ca'ed ye Lucifer, yir big braw licht droont oot the stars, but they showed us aw yir battlescars, oh wit a pummel, yi took fae aw they asteroids, withoot a grumble. Oh Muin, you soulful silvery stane. An orb tae wax, a baw tae wane. They broke bits aff ye and brought them hame, and ah stood in a queue tae touch wan. And you have touched me mony a nicht, companion lantern, lunar wick, the weary world bathed in yir licht, feels hushed and altered. Oh Muin yir burlin roon and roon, tae hoist they oceans up and doon, yir tidal friction sich a boon tae life's potential. we couldnae be withoot yi Muin, sae influential. And yet each year that passes by, ye creep away fae gravity. In billions oh years ye'll brek the tie tae gang awa.' Ah doot there'll be a human e'e oan Earth ablaw. Ah see the Muin, and the Muin sees me, as ah plant ma seeds and howl. In wan hawn ah've fist o' muck, in the other a trowel. Mandy McIntosh 2012
Neil Armstrong’s body is travelling home to the sea so wet and blue The seas on the moon are dry as bone Our sea’s so wet and blue. Neil Armstrong’s bones walked on the moon His eyes looked back from there His thumb covered earth and the earth was gone And his eyes looked back from there Neil Armstrong is a sailor And he’s coming home To the nautical world We all came from Neil Armstong was a spaceman And he’s coming home To the sea so wet and blue. Mandy McIntosh. 2011
Flying to the sun. Year one, we begun On the flight to the sun In our supersonic ark We embarked, hypothetical, magical, ethical, cited statistical and mythical, lethal We are flying to the sun in Concorde. Year two, (it takes eight) Tensions starting to grate Human's fly for the Sun? Does he have his hat on? Fifteen million degrees, he’s a he, we believe! Eight years to the furnace, where cremation awaits us We are flying to the sun in Concorde Year three, now we ask Are our wings glued with wax? What’s the point in this measure, A guide to a human imagining us, from our turf on the earth, On a course to the source, a resistance to distance We’re flying to the sun in Concorde Year four, now we’re bored Its not spacious, Concorde Faces all looking wan will be maimed by the flames of the solar exclaims will be charred and scarred by that nuclear star but we’re flying to the sun in Concorde Year five, still alive In this dive, this pigsty Sweating and betting On chickens and eggs and the pilots sore legs Where’s the trolley? more jelly ! what else is on telly? We’re flying to the sun in Concorde Year six, evolution Skeletons revolution Speed of sound locomotion so profound, solar bound, feel the fur on the ground Radiation around, and our eyes they are blind For we’re flying to the sun in Concorde Year seven, in heaven Our liveable oven No-one talks no-one moves No-one wears any shoes; we have hooves made of bins and metallic skin, we’ve evolved to star kin and we’re flying to the sun in Concorde. Year eight, here we are, We’ve arrived at the star We are heatproof, aloof, and we look for sun food With our brood of star babes that we birthed on the plane, We got bored so we bred, and we grew different heads When we flew to the sun in Concorde. Mandy McIntosh 2011
The People on the Pioneer plaque. To The Woman and The Man (Just the man raised his hand) That are scratched on a surface of gold And united forever Through space, interstellar, so naked so outlined, so bold. It was the wife of Carl Sagan the woman who drew them, cos no-one had thought to address, the notion that others space sisters and brothers might stumble on mons veneris. Carl made the suggestion, a message from humans should go with the Pioneer craft. T'was the first man made item to flee our sun’s system to not say hello would be daft. So there's her and there's him the sign for hydrogen, a map of the planets and pulsars. There's Binary digits, but here, wait a minute, the woman is missing her vulva. It was a bone of contention a small line to mention to avoid the offending of NASA. But Carl later admitted was a shame to omit it Because NASA weren't bothered their arses. So there's her and there's him the sign for hydrogen, a map of the planets and pulsars. There's Binary digits, but here, wait a minute, the woman is missing her vulva.
Himiko 05:01
HIMIKO Himiko Him-I-ko Early universe object oh Your birth 800 million years ago Old light transmitting Named for an ancient shaman Queen Which seems so fitting. Broad primordial, matronly girth Squatting midwife at galaxy birth 12.9 billion light years from earth Old cloud queen glowing Oh ancient wind from a stellar field Your suns are teething Heave your bulk Release old gas, Seat your great hulk down at last Stir the hole, brew the black Then lie beneath your Cosmic thatch. Mandy McIntosh 2011
Star stream 01:08
THE BIGGEST BOMB YOU' LL EVER SEE Molecule by molecule A vulture and a wigwam Atom by atom Awake when others sleep New born photon A red encyclopedia Mili by metre To the surface of the sun Photons are created people marching in a city Photons path is twisted And some are turning back Atom by atom The heat and light conducted 17 four zero Earth years To the surface of the sun Atom by atom Do not look directly Photons are created A field, a tree, a gun Atom by Atom Conduction of the power The biggest bomb you'll ever see The light escapes the sun 40,000 tons of matter Destroyed every second Photons are created And their journey has begun. Mandy McIntosh 2012


A sonic map of the artwork and the cosmos, this album, produced after two years Bothy staying forest based astronomical research, is at once funny, moving and informative.

Composed and engineered by Matthews from field recordings gathered all over the Galloway forest then processed using star data of regularly seen constellations, we also hear a breathless account of the Possil meteorite, (the only meteorite ever recorded in Scotland), a song about photons, a song about the depiction of the genitalia of humans on the Pioneer Plaque, and an ode to Neil Armstrong. The tunes were created using an Elka organ and fiddle together with the sonification of constellation data thus producing swathes of electroacoustic noise and textures, the whole work shifting from singing to hymnal pockets of throbbing space where scale is both tiny and boundless.


released March 14, 2013

With cosmological lyrics written by McIntosh inspired by the likes of Hamish Imlach and Matt McGinn, it's a thrilling development in the long term collaboration of these undefinable artists.


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Kaffe Matthews London, UK

... a pioneering music maker who works live with space, data, things, and place to make new electroacoustic music. The physical experience of music for maker & listener has also been central to her approach and so she invented some unique interfaces, the sonic armchair, sonic bed and sonic bike that enable new approaches to making and immediate ways in to unusual sound/music for wide audiences. ... more

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